A Sheep Like Faith on Etsy  is the online store where I sell wool products made from sheep my daughter and I sheared and had milled into yarn and roving when we were still living in Louisiana before our January 2017 move to Wyoming. I  have signed books available for sale there, as well as roving for handspinners to turn into yarn.

Are you interested in making something of wool from the same type of sheep, and even the same flock Woolfred is from? If so, look for the yarns I have made of “Gulf Coast Native” wool, Woolfred’s breed. Dotty Spot and April Brown are Icelandic sheep. For their wool, consider the Icelandic rovings!

See projects created from ASheepLikeFaith products

Getting to see, work with, and wear wool related to sheep in the story gives children a point of contact I hope will make the sheep and the truths presented in the story even more real to them.

The Shepherd’s Mill in Kansas processed our raw wool into yarn, after we sheared it ourselves and gave it a good soaking. The retail prices of the yarn I sell are higher than most store bought yarn, because everything is processed in  by hand, running small batches through the milling machines, than what happens when enormous batches are processed industrially.  For these reasons, you may notice slight inconsistencies in the spinning that give it a rustic quality, and rare bits of nature (such as tiny particles of dried grass or leaf) that testify to the authenticity of its origin.  This gives the yarn and roving we produce a very genuine, home-crafted warmth that connects the knitter, crocheter or spinner using it to the millennia long history and tradition of the sheep-to-finished woolen project process!  I just love that.  I feel it adds quality, depth, meaning and significance to every project I personally create with it.  If you feel that way, too, I hope you will check out the shop.

See some of our shearing and wool processing!

Please stop by. If you have any questions, you may reach me by messaging me through the Etsy store. I am happy to help!


2 thoughts on “Shop

  1. Hi. I’m a weaver and spinner in Baton Rouge. I’d like to visit your farm on weekends. Would you take any visitors? Thanks!


    1. Hi! I am so sorry I am only now finding your message! I would live to have you visit if I were still living in Louisiana. However, we moved to Wyoming in late 2016-early 2017. I regret I missed meeting you!


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