Jesus as Our “Good Shepherd”: What Shepherds Really Do

Learning to shepherd my sheep over the past decade (and counting!) as deepened my trust in Jesus, as I have learned just how attentive and responsive shepherds have to be to take good care of their sheep.  Frankly, I thought I trusted Jesus before, but in hindsight, I realize I did not trust Him so completely as I see if I am His sheep and He is my Shepherd, I really can!  I could not understand before just how thoroughly a shepherd thinks about, stocks up on supplies, anticipates, prepares for and responds to all aspect of sheep life, both of the herd as a whole, and each individual.

At the time of this writing, I am working on a  chapter (or more, we’ll see!) for the book A Sheep Like Faith (due to publish in 2019) that explains the significance of understanding what “shepherd” really means, and what more fully understanding the work of a shepherd may illuminate regarding Jesus’ love and care for us He conveyed when He said, “I am the Good Shepherd…” (John 10:11, NASB).  I can already tell I have more ideas than I can fit into a chapter, so I am creating this page for readers to reference posts that give further detail, illustration and explanation than may fit in the book.  I will also continue to add to it over time, as I come across great examples from other shepherds’ experiences.

The more I learn about shepherding, the more I am convinced that understanding what a shepherd really is and does, can deepen and enhance our faith in and relationship with Christ, as it richly reveals how trustworthy He is!  When you share about “Jesus, the Good Shepherd” with others, I hope these posts may become a good resource to use.

As always, I welcome your questions and comments!


Sept 2018

white sheep on farm
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