Green Grass, Still Waters

Inspired by actual events on the real Restoration Farm, Green Grass, Still Waters explains the nuances of Psalm 23 to children based on insight from a 21st century shepherd.  Woolfred Lamb tells his self-reliant friend Dotty Spot why he chooses to trust and follow Shepherd.  The story is told while illuminating concepts of Psalm 23, describing the experience of following Jesus through all circumstances of life.

Written for ages 4-10, this book is available for sale online through Amazon and Barns and Noble.  If you don’t find it in your local bookstore, you may ask them to order it for you through their distributor.  It may be bought directly from the author for a below retail price by at A Sheep Like Faith on Etsy.

QUICK DOWNLOADS: (click on underlined words)

MEET THE REAL SHEEP on which the characters on the story were based.

“SHEEP WORDS FROM THE SHEPHERD” , the bold words in the book.

FREE COLORING PAGES specially designed by my friend & artist-illustrator Linda Boswell:

Woolfred coloring page

Woolfred & Dotty Drinking coloring page

Words of Psalm 23 illustrated with illustrated boarder

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