Directions for Fall/Winter 2018-19

I have been making a lot of progress in several key areas lately.  Here are a few things I have been working on I will enjoying continuing to develop through the winter! The crochet pattern for Dotty Spot, 1 of the key characters in Green Grass, Still Waters, is currently being testes by experienced crochet [...]

Baby Lamb Finds Mom

"When he puts forth all his own, he goes ahead of them, and the sheep follow him because they know his voice. " John 10:4 (NASB)

Snowy Day April 2018

This is what our sheep are doing today in the blizzard. You can see Laurie Ellen laying down by the play house, and Truffle (the brown one encrusted with snow) behind her. The rest are sheltering from the high wind by standing behind the playhouse. Good thing they are Icelandics! Not shearing until May. You [...]

Must Be “New”!

This 5 month old, little black Icelandic lamb is named "Lavender".  She joined on flock on Restoration Farm, Wyoming just this summer (2017).  I love hearing Lavender's loud, persistent greeting every time I go outside! For the time being, our flock is being dry lotted in our back yard.  This is to protect them from [...]

Resource for Children’s Ministry

"I have a mission I believe in.  I want to preserve meaning of the sheep & shepherd analogies in scripture, to make God's word more relatable to those not now living in agrarian society; to educate people what understanding "I am the Good Shepherd" tells us about Jesus' heart, character and personality.  But being only one person, if this message is truly to spread, it will depend upon teaching as many others as will listen, so they may in turn, teach the people in their own groups.  Essentially, I need to educate "shepherds", that they may be empowered to teach their own "flocks". " 

Like Sheep, Our “Wool” Tells Our Story

Like sheep's wool, our lives (habits, personalities, choices) reflect where we have been.  When I sheared Gracie for the first time, (and many more since) I found "souvenirs" in hung in her wool that gave evidence of how she had been living her life, where she had been, and something about her troubles and circumstances. [...]

A New Season for Restoration Farm

At long last, our hot, wet Louisiana summer is ending.  Our next door neighbors have made hay, which has been our sure signal Fall is on the way for that past  10 years we have lived here.  But this Fall 2016 is bringing some big changes with it for Restoration Farm! We have accepted a [...]