Gulf Coast Sheep in Montana vs. Louisiana

In May of 2017 we moved the Gulf Coast Native and Icelandic flock from Louisiana to our new home in Wyoming. In December 2018 I had to rehome the remainder of my flock with a dear shepherd friend who was willing to take them, and lives in Montana. Due to advancing cancer, I became no [...]


SocialGulf Coast Native sheep are descended from sheep brought to the New World by Christopher Columbus.  Over centuries, they adapted to the harsh climate of the Gulf Coast states. Growing no wool on their faces and legs, and having an “open fleece” with no undercoat, they are wool sheep who can handle the heat.  They [...]

Sheep Milk &Cheeses

To understand reasons why people throughout history, including Bible times, raised sheep for dairy purposes, here are things to consider. You may be surprised to learn you have already eaten sheep cheese before, you just did not realize it! Benefits of Sheep Milk How to milk a sheep! Cheeses made from [...]

Directions for Fall/Winter 2018-19

I have been making a lot of progress in several key areas lately.  Here are a few things I have been working on I will enjoying continuing to develop through the winter! The crochet pattern for Dotty Spot, 1 of the key characters in Green Grass, Still Waters, is currently being testes by experienced crochet [...]

Dotty Spot Amigurumi is now in pattern testing!

The Woolfred and April Brown characters from Green Grass, Still Waters:  Woolfred Lamb Explains Psalm 23 (published in 2017 by Xulon Press) are now available as crochet patterns at A Sheep Like Faith on Etsy.!  I was blessed by 15 pattern testers across the USA and around the world who generously participated in the pattern [...]

Goats & Sheep Are Not “Black & White”

Recently my husband and I heard a popular, famous preacher on the radio, who was preaching on Mathew 25:33 "...and He will put the sheep on His right, and the goats on the left." confidently declare that "the obvious way" everyone can tell a sheep from a goat, is that "sheep are white" and "goats [...]

Crochet Patterns for Woolfred and April Brown

Woolfred and April Brown, two of three characters from my Green Grass, Still Waters book are now available as Amigurumi patterns!  These are great patterns to make if you have intermediate experience with crochet, and are comfortable reading a pattern. To learn more about the patterns, see the listings for Woolfred and April Brown. If [...]

Baby Lamb Finds Mom

"When he puts forth all his own, he goes ahead of them, and the sheep follow him because they know his voice. "
John 10:4