Restoration Farm in Wyoming

Where we are now, since November 2016…  I have fewer pictures because we have not lived here as long, and I was in and out of hospital for several months of 2017-2018.

Winter 2017-18
I am sad the sheep have to be temporarily dry-lotted in the yard, until we can complete necessary fencing that will allow them to graze on the new property.  They are happy with their alfalfa, though, which we buy by the ton since is is far less expensive here in WY where it grows, than it was in LA where it cannot.  The sheep have a couple of acres fences where they are, so plenty of room for them to roam a little, just no fenced grazing pasture for them yet!  This was a big move.  We had to make choices from what was available to us at the time.  Wow, do I ever miss my beautiful Louisiana barn!

This is video from when the sheep first arrived at our new location in Wyoming, after their long transport from Louisiana, 3,000 miles away!  They were very well cared for by Debbie, who did an excellent job transporting!