A Sheep-Like Faith exists to provide quality educational materials and products that  connect people of all ages with concepts of real sheep and shepherds, that they may better understand who Jesus is as the Good Shepherd, and what it means to follow Him, by gaining insight to the metaphors of sheep and shepherds used throughout scripture to illuminate the nature of our relationship to God.

Given the sheep population has been reduced in the United States by 90% over the last 50 years, and the majority of people living metropolitan lifestyles instead of agrarian these days, the sheep and shepherds are no longer a familiar reality to most people.  The spiritual truths communicated in the Bible through numerous sheep and shepherd analogies, are rich and deep.  Significant nuances of meaning are lost when one only understands “shepherd” as “leader, provider, protector”.  It is our belief that and prayer that by educating people about these nuances, and in some  making sheep and shepherds in some way more familiar again, people may be drawn to know Jesus better, and walk with Him more closely, with a deeper trust and understanding.