A Sheep-Like Faith

Intended for an adult audience, A Sheep-Like Faith: What My Sheep Taught Me about Following Jesus, is currently in the writing process.  Through sharing many stories about my sheep as they really happened on the farm, this book explores what sheep are actually like, and what the real tasks and nature of good shepherding really entail.  Understanding Jesus as “The Good Shepherd” who is also “The Lamb of God”, opened my heart to greater trust and a fuller understanding of what it really means to follow Jesus as my Good Shepherd.  I found it is easier to understand the depth of God’s love, and the many facets of His deep commitment to us, once I gained a more intimate understanding of what “shepherd” really means!

A Sheep-Like Faith will be a great book if you are only looking for something to only read, but for those wanting more, it is also designed with optional questions following each chapter, in 3 sections:

“Drawing Near the Shepherd” are question prompts for the reader to respond to  in a personal journal, to challenge deeper thinking and applications of ideas, to enhance the reader’s personal walk with Shepherd.

“Grazing with the Flock” are questions intended for group discussion, for those who would like to use A Sheep-Like Faith in a small group Bible Study or educational setting.

“Creative Reflections” offers those who enjoy expressing themselves creatively, with any level of skill or talent.  Suggested activities are designed to be as short as one would like, while engaging them to consider various concepts of Jesus by creating a set of simple Pinterest Projects* that illustrate particular concepts as they are explored in the book.

*By way of example, a Pinterest Project to augment Green Grass, Still Waters will be published on this website, soon!

Look for A Sheep-Like Faith to be published later this year!

This is my sheep, Faithy, who taught me that following Jesus, means trusting Him with full abandon, without being held back by disappointment, grief, nor abandonment by others.  I named her “Faithy”, because when she was born, I was struggling with my faith, and I figured at the very least, I could “walk by Faith” in my pasture as this little lamb followed me while about my daily chores, even if  at the time I couldn’t yet manage walking confidently by faith in any other area of my life.