Crochet Patterns for Woolfred and April Brown

Woolfred and April Brown, two of three characters from my Green Grass, Still Waters book are now available as Amigurumi patterns!  These are great patterns to make if you have intermediate experience with crochet, and are comfortable reading a pattern.

To learn more about the patterns, see the listings for Woolfred and April Brown.

If you would like to have them for FREE, just buy a copy of the Green Grass, Still Waters book, and let me know in the checkout notes that you would like me to email the patterns to you, and I will do it!  If you would like me to sign the book, just let me know that in the notes, too.

2 thoughts on “Crochet Patterns for Woolfred and April Brown

    1. That’s OK! Just this weekend I began developing some more resources of those who do, and who are interested in making finished characters. I may be able to add them to the shop in a few months. I look forward to seeing what opportunities develop.


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