Woolfred Goes Amigurumi




The first Woolfred made by pattern creator Emilie
The first Woolfred, made by pattern creator Emilie!

My wonderful friend Emilie has created Woolfred and April Brown as crochet Amigurumi patterns!  These photos are a few of the results from our pattern testers across the USA and around the world, including India,  Canada,  Australia,  Chili, England and France.

April Brown & Woolfred made by Gillian, a pattern tester in Australia

The patterns will be available to download from the Etsy shop as soon as I finalize the finishing touches.

Where’s  Dotty Spot?  Dotty is still in the works!  I look forward to Emilie finishing her pattern soon.  Once I have given our awesome group of pattern testers a few months to give us feedback and make adjustments,  the pattern to make Dotty will be available,  too.

Like Woolfred and Dotty but cannot crochet?  Consider buying the patterns and finding someone on Etsy who makes Amigarumi to order!


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