Finding My Way

Since beginning this blog/website several years ago, I have struggled to determine how best to use it. Initially, I experimented with putting some of my sheep and scripture thoughts in writing. Then I published a children’s book. Now I am working on a book for adults to explain the sheep/shepherd analogies in scripture to deepen understanding of God’s love for us and His plan for or Redemption from this ugly, broken world. Then there is the Etsy shop, where I sell wool and wool products from my flock. Since I no longer live in Louisiana, where my heart still remains, I have re-named the Etsy shop “A Sheep Like Faith”. It can still be found through the “shop” link on the home page, or www.

An unexpected out of state move from Louisiana to Wyoming has required adjustments to the sheep project the way I was pursuing it in Louisiana. I still have the flock, only 9 at the moment, but I am sadly noomger demonstrating soinning at the Louisiana Renaissance Festival.

Another bought witg cancer, this time stage 4 metastatic (life long continuing treatment from now on) and a 5 or 6 hospitalizations in 2017-2018 have left me re-evaluating this 10 year (and counting) sheep project. What am I called to do?

What is the best way to move forward from here? I am seeking to follow Shepherd, wondering what the path ahead has in store.

What is the best way for me to put the website to good use?

Check in here for updates on what is going on with the A Sheep Like Faith Project. I will post as regularly as I can regarding news from the flock, what God is teaching me, or what is going on with the Etsy store. I will see what I can do about sorting posts into categories, to try to make it easier if you are only interested in a certain topic!

Thank you for hanging in with me. If you would like to help, please post a comment about what you like most about this page, what draws you here, and/or what types of posts you would like to see in the blog.

Learning to follow,


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