October 11, 2017

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Resource for Children’s Ministry

It has been several months now since my first children’s book, Pasto Verde, Aguas de Reposo was published, and the English edition, Green Grass Still Waters:  Lana Luis Cordero Explica Salmo 23.  It is has been picked up for sale in at least 13 different countries that I am aware of:  India, Mexico, the UK, Australia, Canada, Spain, Brazil, Italy, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and the United States.  It is a beginning.

I am still writing on A Sheep-Like Faith: What My Sheep Taught Me about Following Jesus, for adults, and am looking toward a 2018 publication date.  In getting the first children’s books published, I am now faced with the reality that writing and publishing, as much work and time as it takes, is the “easy” part of spreading a new message!  The real battle comes in making others aware it is out there, and that it is something that may fit their needs and interests, otherwise known as “marketing”, “advertising”, and “creating contacts”.

I have a mission I believe in.  I want to preserve meaning of the sheep & shepherd analogies in scripture, to make God’s word more relatable to those not now living in agrarian society; to educate people what understanding “I am the Good Shepherd” tells 971698_217186465101716_166615253_nus about Jesus’ heart, character and personality.  But being only one person, if this message is truly to spread, it will depend upon teaching as many others as will listen, so they may in turn, teach the people in their own groups.  Essentially, I need to educate “shepherds”, that they may be empowered to teach their own “flocks”.

Toward that end, I will focus future posts toward those who minister to children and families, to equip them with insights, looking at scripture through a shepherd’s lens.

If you know anyone who may be interested, please share the link to the blog.

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