A New Season for Restoration Farm

At long last, our hot, wet Louisiana summer is ending.  Our next door neighbors have made hay, which has been our sure signal Fall is on the way for that past  10 years we have lived here.  But this Fall 2016 is bringing some big changes with it for Restoration Farm!

We have accepted a position in Cody, WY.  As soon as our house sells in Louisiana, we will be loading up the livestock and our family, and moving to the great North West,  right by Yellowstone National Park.  Sheep country.  The heart of the remnant of the sheep industry that still exists commercially in the United States.

I am still working on the books.  Green Grass has been submitted for line editing, and I am nearly half was through the rough draft for the A Sheep-Like Faith manuscript.  Moving is a motivation for wrapping up the content for A Sheep-Like Faith as a book project, since all of the content in it is based on events that have occurred here, in Louisiana, and we are now about to embark on the next phase of our adventure…..in Wyoming of all places!!!

I will continue to sell Wool of Louisiana until I run out.  The next production run I make, however, will be under a new label I will create, putting the wool products under the same umbrella title as A Sheep-Like Faith!  Those changes will come slowly.  I will keep you apprised of our adventure of moving and learning to shepherd in Wyoming, as it unfolds.

Restoration Farm in Winter 2009

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