Our Mission

“If people can become more familiar with sheep again in our 21st century world, the significance of those ideas [expressed by sheep analogies in Scripture] …will not be lost.”

The endeavors of A Sheep-Like Faith,  (LLC pending)  are fundamentally focused on producing products and materials meant to preserve and promote the meaning of the sheep/shepherd analogies in the Bible so often used to communicate life-changing information about God’s love for us, and our relationship to Him.  If people can become more familiar with sheep again in our 21st century world, the significance of those ideas that communicate so much will not be lost.  If people have a use for sheep products again, like wool, there will be more reason for shepherds to raise them and the sheep population that has dropped by 90% in the US in my lifetime may stabilize.


To that end, I am focusing my work on 5 key areas:

  1. Writing.  I am currently working on a manuscript I hope to have published with Xulon press within the year.  I is the first of several I will use as a method of explain the sheep/shepherd analogy.  Children’s books will follow, and I am currently working with illustrator Linda Boswell on illustration for both the adult and children’s books.
  2. Shepherding.  I still have my flock. The current population if 14 and they are all on my farm.  I plan to breed and have new lambs, specifically bred for fleece with in the next year or two.  This year’s shearing is showing my past efforts to breed for good fleece are really paying off!
  3. Wool sales.  The Etsy shop is up and running and better than ever!  Look for our own domain at WoolofLouisiana.com.  More product is arriving from the mill!  Everything I sell has been sheared by me and/or one of my daughters (but most likely me).  I am designing yarns and roving for handspinners that appeal to others like me who value getting back to nature, knowing where their fiber comes from, and gaining a connection with the sheep that grows their wool for them!  My goal this year is to learn to sell in person by vending at 3 local craft fairs.  The first will be in Vicksburg, MS on June 2 & 3.  Look for me at the Magnolia Fiber Festival!
  4. Shearing.  I have more shearing clients this year than I did the year before I got sick!  My goal is to be able to grow enough consumer demand for Louisiana Native wool that I can mill and sell everything I can shear every year.  Pray about this.  If we can make this happen, they future for Gulf Coast Native sheep would look very good!  It will take a number of people to make this happen.  I cannot pull this off on my own.
  5. Demonstrating and Public Speaking.  I am still demonstrating at the Louisiana Renaissance Festival.  I loved speaking at Grace Community Bible Church at our Mother/Daughter luncheon and I hope to get to do more.  (See video on the page “You are invited” in the tabs of this blog, or look for the blog post, “Hearing the Shepherd’s Heart”).  I also want to do what I can to get Louisiana Native sheep represented in the Louisiana museums that preserve our local history.  This part of our Louisiana heritage must be remembered and preserved, not forgotten.  If sheep are erased permanently from public memory, how are people ever to relate to, “The Lord is my Shepherd….”?

My blog posts going forward will cover my progress as I continue to pursue each of these endeavors.  I need your prayers.  I deeply believe this is what I am meant to be doing.  We all need a better understanding of Who Jesus is as our “Good Shepherd” and what it means to be a sheep in His flock.  I welcome you to join me on this great adventure!


Kelli Miller

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