I am glad you’re here! I invite you to make yourself at home and take just a minute to get to know what “A Sheep-Like Faith” is all about.

Green Grass, Still Waters

is the first book in our new children’s series, just released in 2017! A limited number of signed, paperback copies are available at a below retail price through my store.

To meet the real sheep who inspired the characters in the story, click here!

Click here for “Sheep Words from the Shepherd”, the bold words in the story!

Yarn from the sheep!

Would you like to make something with Gulf Coast Native wool? “Wool of Louisiana” is the label I packaged my yarn under before recently moving from Louisiana to Wyoming. This is yarn made of wool from sheep in my own flock, and a few other flocks around Louisiana that my daughter Sherilyn and I sheared together. It is wool from the same Gulf Coast Native breed that Woolfred is in the story.

Pasto Verde, Aguas de Reposo

Algo que escribo en espanol.

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