I am the good shepherd, and I know My own and My own know Me…”

John 10:15 (NASB)

As a shepherd of Gulf Coast Native and Icelandic sheep since 2008, I have observed sheep only follow the shepherd they trust, and they only trust the shepherd they know by their own personal experience.

“A Sheep-Like Faith” is all about learning to trust Jesus more deeply as your personal “Shepherd,” by gaining familiarity with real sheep, shepherds and sheep or shepherd related things , such as handicrafts with wool from sheep, and regular shepherding tasks as we do them today.   So, you will find a variety of things on this site: children’s books, teaching materials, reflections on scripture, but also yarn, roving, spinning knitting, crochet and sheep care!  All these spokes may look unrelated at first, but ultimately they all lead back to the same, single issue:  having touch-points that make sheep and shepherds more familiar in order to find points of connection to the Biblical truths of Who Jesus is as our Good Shepherd, and what it mean to follow Him as His “sheep”.

With a sincere desire to know Jesus better as “shepherd” and more fully understand sheep & shepherd related scripture,  I started my  “sheep project” on our hobby farm, Restoration Farm, in Louisiana in 2008, just north of Baton Rouge.  Learn more about our learning adventure on the “About” page.

To give children a clear understanding of Psalm 23 and the picture it gives of trusting Jesus as Shepherd through all circumstances of life, in 2017 I wrote and published:

Green Grass, Still Waters: Woolfred Lamb Explains Psalm 23

small GG cover

The characters are based upon real sheep from my farm and a few things that really happened. Geared toward ages 4-104, a limited number of signed, paperback copies are available at a below retail price through my Etsy store.


“Kelli Carruth Miller writes what she knows and continues to learn through her own experiences as a shepherdess and wool yarn producer. … she harmonizes with David’s 23rd song by sharing modern day examples of the shepherd’s care for the sheep. ….a great book for grade schoolers to read on their own with obvious truths and still deeper meanings for their spiritual growth.  Best of all, Kelli has created additional resources for her writing. … I’m thrilled to add this book to our Christian school library, but I will also encourage our teachers to check out these resources….The plan of salvation is clear and concise…. Well done, Kelli Carruth Miller, I’ll be following you everywhere.” -R. Sharp
Endearing and enjoyable to read, Psalm 23… is introduced in a way that is serene, peaceful, loving, and kind. Told from the standpoint of a happy and contented lamb named Woolfred, he shares his experiences with Dotty Spot, a ewe who is not trusting of a Shepherd and thinks that life is fine on her own. … a sweet story with precious illustrations, and it creatively teaches and leads,….”  -S Whitenburg
I love this book. … Kelli has a wonderful way to make it come alive to children. She understands the role of a shepherd first hand and writes the book from the perspective of a sheep who trust its shepherd the way we can trust Jesus. I am a children’s pastor and will be using this book in my ministry. I will also pass it along to our Christian school teachers to use as a resource in connecting Psalm 23 with the children.” -H.B.


Pasto Verde, Aguas de Reposo: Lana Luis Explica Salmo 23 is the Spanish version, available through all those links above, and also Christianbook.com.

QUICK LINKS to ancillary content and teaching resources for Green Grass, Still Waters (click underlined words):

  • Meet the real sheep from our Restoration Farm on which the Green Grass characters are based.
  • “SHEEP WORDS FROM A SHEPHERD”  is a list of the bold words from the story to give further information.  Great for teaching the book as a lesson, or just to satisfy curiosity.

FREE Coloring pages to print and copy:

Visit the Green Grass, Still Waters page for additional information.


Would you like to make something with Gulf Coast Native wool from Woolfred’s flock? “Wool of Louisiana” is the label I packaged my yarn under before recently moving from Louisiana to Wyoming, USA. This is yarn made of wool from sheep in my own flock, and  other flocks around Louisiana that my daughter Sherilyn and I sheared together. It is wool from the same Gulf Coast Native breed that Woolfred is in the story.

Visit my shop at http://Etsy.com/shop/ASheepLikeFaith for Green Grass books and raw wool, roving for hand-spinners, and yarn from my farm.